Nairi insurance


Nairi Insurance provides continuous support to education

In these difficult days for the country, over again Nairi draws attention to education. Nairi Insurance and French University in Armenia Foundation recently signed a memorandum of cooperation. NAIRI has taken responsibility for reimbursing the 4 years of tuition fees of 2 students who would earn high scores.

Taking into account the fact that Nairi's overarching goal is to try to contribute to the training of professional personnel in the field through this initiative, therefore the Company chose the faculty of Finance. Students who win the scholarship must maintain high scores in the final annual exams every year, otherwise, the tuition reimbursement scholarship will be transferred to another student with high scores.

It should be noted that the students will also have the opportunity to have an educational practice and later to work in the company. We believe that the educated generation is the pillar of the country's future and development.

Educational initiatives are not a new thing for Nairi. Earlier, Nairi Insurance, "Koreez" educational program" CJSC and Yerevan State University signed a memorandum of cooperation.

We believe that running a successful business also means being socially responsible towards society and contributing to the development and strengthening of the country. For this year, the educational benchmark has become the main direction for Nairi.